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Friday, August 26, 2016

Cut, cut & cut for a Wedding!

Well I promise the stuff I made with Silhouette Cameo!
And here it is.
Many of the design were created by me, some others were using free royalty images (you can find them in the web), other from SC Design Store.
Wow I have learn so much doing this Vintage Wedding cards.
How the story begin? Well, the groom saw some laser cut tree cards and he love it ( very masculine) but the  bride wanted something more in the romantic side, but when we saw the price of the laser cut card, we faint...taking in consideration that they were going to need some 110 invitations or more! post signature

So me...crazy like always, came  to the rescue, and told them  that I could make it  using my cutting machine!  And to make it better me & my big mouth  said: This would be my wedding gift! 
This is my pocket card, the tree purchase from SCDesign Store, the shape of the
 envelope card was made by me,as the heart in the middle (romantic).
This is an open one.

I have a lot of work but  I learn how not to do them wrong (the hard way), but at the end everybody love them, never had seeing wedding cards like that and over all was a good experience!

This is how it looks close.  This one was the more masculine type. I am getting marry too, you know!

This was other design I purchase from SCDesign Store, but altered it with heart leaf and
some love birdies in the top right & bottom right.
The envelope card design is the same that the other.
The back

Here is how the look in the inside both.
This is another type I made using here Graphic 45 papers, this was for a
very special little girl that love cats!
Here with the invitation, reception, map, and RSVP.
Even this is not cutting, this was the background where the invitations were on.  The invitations are printed in vellum. We decide to makes this background by hand, stamped and painted.
I am uploading some of the background, all are different, so you can have an idea.

To be honest I think I should make another post, but because is wedding, here is how we decorate the beer glass of the grooms & bride bridesmaids & best man.

They were personalised for each one.  All were cut in vinyl using Silhouette Cameo machine.y  The letters and design like I wrote before came some from me & the web.  That is why I think this machine is one of the best.
You can design and make it very personal, like we did here.  And every glass has the name of the owner.


The Bride 

I forgot to take the pictures of all.

The groom.

 Also we design the little champagne bottle label and chocolates. Jajajaj forgot to take those pictures!
Hope you  have enjoy  this post!

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