I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein

Beaded Jewelry & Wire Jewelry

Yes that is why I had been taking so long to write the blog.
This babies take time!
I did them following tutorials in Youtube.
If anyone interested e mail and I will give you the page!
This ladies are amazing!
Usually I use Swaroski products, Miyuki and Tohu seed beads.
Here is my practicing bracelet and earrings:

Inspiration from HoneyBeads1
Swaroski Pearl using Swaroski rivolli almost 3 inches.  
Inspiration from HoneyBeads1
Inspiration from HoneyBeads1
Inspiration from HoneyBeads1

Inspiration from Svetlana McDaniel. I use Swaroski Tahitian pearls, Only that smaller than required.

This are some earring I had been working with.

 Here are other That are really wiring:

Tree of Life, my version and its big!

The earring to go with the tree

A Swaroski rivolli ring 

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