I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vintage frame

Hello everyone!
I had been a little busy doing strange things....jajajaj like always!
I am so sorry about my blog on How To Do It, I really don't  know what I did that cant correct it!
I already have the picture and the how to, but I am having problems with the blog itself!
Well, here are some stuff I had made
Enjoy! It is rainy so u can do a lot of stuff!
At the end there is a bad little video of the toilets paper roll album, please forgive me I am learning how to also! Jajajajajajaj

Using stamping technique and a flower made from a yoghurt packaging! And them I write a text.

This are little embellishment made from leftovers

Shrink plastic

A snowman using mic flakes stamp and a hard plastic package 

Love it! Stamp A. Einstein in different  colours over a stained paper

This flower here were made with use coffee paper and the keyhole with a soda can

I use here a decoupage technique so you can use small leftovers from others papers

This are different frames using a vintage shabby chic stile from a video in YouTube from Rach 

This one is a gift for a male so it looks less flowery  

This small video is an little album done with toilet paper rolls; I add some stuff and voila!
Also I made some tags to insert inside the toilet roll, some of them are painted and other covered with paper so it doesn't look so uniform. Here are some of the tags:
The sun was made using plastic from packaging is cheaper that acetate jajajaja

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Butterflies Butterflies!

Hello...a little note only to show my latest altered mixed media paint!
Wow isn't that a huge name jajajajajajaj..
Enjoy it!

This is a frame I made for my mom picture!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nice day! Journals Envelopes! Altered Art Paintings!

Hello everyone how are you this weekend!
I am good!
Here something I had been making!
This journal were made using use envelopes that come through my door!
I was tired of throwing them away over and over I decide to use them to make this journals and they can make wonderful pocket for inserting tags or notes; I use a crafting magazine who brought some wonderful papers and images.  This is not so my style but I can do girly stuff also!
This one a use the themes butterflies and flowers, going out from my comfort zone...But I think they look gr8!

This one the themes are Christmas Fairies, is a little bit bigger also in this one I use some commercial brochure that came with those envelopes, I use brochure that are more sturdy, not the glossy whimpy one.
And here u can see a Altered  paintings, I went to Greece and saw some paintings like icon style, I love them, so here is my version.
My version of Saint George killing the dragon!

Please visit my ecofriendly blog to see my recycled stuff!
And have a nice weekend!!!
Do not let anything steal your peace!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ice resin! My new stuff!

Hello there...I am back!
Here is something new I had been playing.
It is Ice resin. I just began so I will be posting the pro& contras.
Here are some examples:

Both of this figures I have use old watches that I had bought  in charities shops and pieces, charms and some beads.

A soda cap ring and 2 papers, I cut it with a punch and add some watch  pieces on hair; then covered with
the resin.  I will use them as earrings.

A fairy card.

This little charm the butterfly is made also with resin.

This little stamped suitcase , I am using it to put a present (a charm)

Yes I am making journal and little albums!