I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nice day! Journals Envelopes! Altered Art Paintings!

Hello everyone how are you this weekend!
I am good!
Here something I had been making!
This journal were made using use envelopes that come through my door!
I was tired of throwing them away over and over I decide to use them to make this journals and they can make wonderful pocket for inserting tags or notes; I use a crafting magazine who brought some wonderful papers and images.  This is not so my style but I can do girly stuff also!
This one a use the themes butterflies and flowers, going out from my comfort zone...But I think they look gr8!

This one the themes are Christmas Fairies, is a little bit bigger also in this one I use some commercial brochure that came with those envelopes, I use brochure that are more sturdy, not the glossy whimpy one.
And here u can see a Altered  paintings, I went to Greece and saw some paintings like icon style, I love them, so here is my version.
My version of Saint George killing the dragon!

Please visit my ecofriendly blog to see my recycled stuff!
And have a nice weekend!!!
Do not let anything steal your peace!

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