I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is X mas time!

Hello everyone

Yes I haven't been writing so much....(naughty girl), but at least I have been going to the gym....jijijijij
NO excuse for me
But here are some pictures of my x mas cards...for next year jajajajaja
C u all
Have a nice xmas!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Abingdon Carbon Cutters!!!

hello everyone!
Abingdon Carbon Cutter is having a great day the 9th of this October!
Right now they are in the Market Place in Town Center with a very helpful exibition, with many different themes!  How to grow your own veggies, to sewing and recycling every thing!
i have a little exhibition of my work, cards, ATC, jewellery so pass on and enjoy
You can visit my EcoArtCraft blog

Friday, September 17, 2010

Deco Xmas and fun XmaS

Hello you all!!!
I am fine...Thank God for this...going to the gym to be in good shape again jajaja
Arent this ladies beautiful and stylish...this card are for a very goldy and chic xmas!

This is a very festive card, although this type is more for New Year than xmas...but I love it!
Here come the fun ones....weepppaaaa...

This snowman are beautiful!  All this cards were made from a printable CD ..I like to use CD because you print what you want and no need to be buying different papers that last for ever!!!
In the middle is a bubble with different figures it goes around, but still I want to put behind the circle another scene.

Like this snowman, this card |i also use some leftover plastic (covering the snowman) and because is a moving circle I use tissue paper from a gift, I creep it and spray some blue cosmic shimmer so it appear like snow.

This one is the last...because I made it using the figures left in the 3 upper projects son anything goes to waste!
I still want to put some picture more but I am waiting to do another one so I can use the leftys again!
Remember a good crafter never waste!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flower Faries and Deco Ladies

New cards...more normal ones!  Hope you enjoy them as I do!

art deco for a nice b'day card!

The fairy is back!

Cards using Recycled ATC!

Yes, like the title say it...I need to make some quick cards and I used some of my ATC like central point!
The are cards that nobody have, unique original and using left overs papers!
How sweet is that!
This is great for guys...every ages

For the ladies, an unique card...very different and stylish.

And a very artistic one and different also...folding diamond card and top it with the ATC....this one is for a special person,,,those that doesn't like to have what everyone had!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Altered art Paper dolls!!! And some digital ATC

I love altered art because it give me the opportunity to change and use and reuse things.  Doing this open the imagination ...

With a nice summer I haven't make much!  And also I am loosing weight, so I am cycling more and going to the gym, (husband orders!) too much eating in pass holidays...jejejeje...nice food and sweets!!! mmm  I love chile and you?
Well I most let you know I make a wonderful chilli cake...delicious! and different ...I love doing thing nobody else does....
No more word...lets go to the pictures!!!  Weeeeeeeepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
                                       My digital ATC.

Paper doll, altered!

I really like this one...almost all of them are recycled also or re using lef over of card, papre and packets, they are strong enough for the body and arms, this mermaid I use also plastic of packeting.

Here are some cards I of them come with a fridge magnet isn't that cool...and the other one ocmes with a hanger so you can hang them the back part of the hanger have some inspiring phrase from author and one from the Bible, so every time one see it, remind us to be grateful for all the good thing we have!!this is the fridge magnet.

The left one have the hanger and the above one is without the hanger.