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Albert Einstein

Friday, August 28, 2015

Digital Vintage Wedding Invitation cards & Cut Out envelopes

Well yes I had done other things.
I have some weddings in the way.
So I decide to make some digital invitation and some envelopes..
Hope you enjoy them!

Here are some cut out cards or envelope:

In blue card and centura pearl at the back.

And another Graphic 45 Wedding Card for a friend!

Using Celebration paper pad from Graphic 45 a Wedding card for a friend that is tying the knot!

Use also acetate so it give the floating sensation, 
 Hope everyone will have a very nice time and God bless you all!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Graphic 45 + MDF = Beautiful!

 Hello everyone! How are you?
Hope you are fine and enjoying the most wonderful weather!
I had been busy, holidays, work, selling, and the worst pc problems! But I had been doing a lot of MDF stuff for the kitchen, bath, rooms etc...
Still I must say I had been working in my photograph taking picture, I am believing to think is the camera and not me jajajajajajaj
Well, back to back!
Here is some of this small MDF furniture & drawers I had been working with..all with the lovely Graphic 45 papers, I am addicted to them!
This is my egg store stand, (Egg hutch)  I think is a good name for it! Home Sweet Home

An open view, you can have a dozen of eggs here. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

A left the upper part of clean and neat so maybe I can use it to hold something there. Home Sweet Home

Here is a small cupboard, using Raining Cats & Dogs, maybe will use it  in  my bathroom!
The inside, I usually prefer white or lighter colors for the inside but this time I went black!
Raining Cats & Dogs

My recipe box! At last I have were to put all my recipes. Home Sweet Home

I love that this MDF recipe box came with a inner lid so you can put the recipe there! Love it!
Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I love this paper pad from Graphic 45, Home Sweet Home

My wider cupboard, I think I work with Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells

Here is the inside, I distressed the doors,  because I feel like it!
  Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells
 Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells

 Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells

 Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells, I decided to give a glossy look to the doors. 
Here are my MDF! Still have 2 more to play with, thinking doing with a little bit of painting and stamping this ones...let see.
Before I go I will show a little recycle pot I did using Graphic 45 and doing a collage, it will be post in my blog Ecoartcraft. I put them all in my bathroom:

Using By The Sea, cover and leftover.

Here is with my spider plant, By The Sea

The 2 pots & clock decorate using By The Sea.
Hope you like this MDF!
C ya and have the best weekend ever!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

MDF Project I wanted to do for a long long time!

post signatureHello !
Back again...well I was away, around the surroundings of this beautiful planet...learning, searching for new experience...hmmm thinking maybe I need to do a travel blog also! Jajajajajaja...I cant with this and do another...jajajajajaj
Well back to the craft. As my title says I did project in MDF that I wanted to do for some time.
Here they are hope you like them!
Like always using Graphic 45 papers, cover the MDf, a little ink and cut some cup shapes for  sparking it a little bit.
Use chalkboard black paint, now I can write what I need in the kitchen!

Only painted (after armed) and cover the top panel with a cover of a Graphic 45 paper pad; now I have my ink pads  in order!

Here is a beautiful mini drawer, it will g  in my desktop.

Use map papers cover it all, paint black the surroundings and little of gold paint. Use Modge Podge.

I now love working with this MDf, they are simple and easy to do and the best  that you can use them! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Paper pad holder, Journal quotes

Yes I have been doing a lot of stuff!
Believe or not!
I am back to my roots, doing more drawing and painting.
But I had managed to do a  paper holder. to de clutter my room a little!
Only a little, now I will be making a bigger ones for the 12 x 12 paper pads.
Also I had been doing some Bible quotes journal, and here are some page that I did with leftovers  papers, using packaging cardboard etc.
Enjoy life!
Using a packaging cardboard, paper pad cover, old calendar, magazine and paper leftover.

Using packaging cardboard, some old paper magazine, giving it a look of mix media canvas. 

Packaging cardboard, old book papers, leftover paper.

Paper pad holder. Use a  packaging box, cut in and cover it with Graphic 45 papaer
Bohemian Bazaar.

The front of the holder.

Using  cardboard from packaging and leftover papers from Graphic 45.

A tag done with cardboard and leftover paper from Graphic 45.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Christmas Cards Graphic 45

post signatureWell I know again I have been lost in time, but back again.
Yes I had been doing some projects, at least i have an excuse!
I didnt did much this Xmas...was painting the house! OMGosh!
And finish it just 5 day before Xmas! And was having a full house!
But I manage to do something it is:
Graphic 45 Nutcracker a very different card! 

12 Days of Christmas with Graphic 45, not the usual stuff! 

Easel quick Christmas card more usual...

A little box decorate for a Christmas present

Simple Digital Christmas card but beautiful!