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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Graphic 45 + MDF = Beautiful!

 Hello everyone! How are you?
Hope you are fine and enjoying the most wonderful weather!
I had been busy, holidays, work, selling, and the worst pc problems! But I had been doing a lot of MDF stuff for the kitchen, bath, rooms etc...
Still I must say I had been working in my photograph taking picture, I am believing to think is the camera and not me jajajajajajaj
Well, back to back!
Here is some of this small MDF furniture & drawers I had been working with..all with the lovely Graphic 45 papers, I am addicted to them!
This is my egg store stand, (Egg hutch)  I think is a good name for it! Home Sweet Home

An open view, you can have a dozen of eggs here. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

A left the upper part of clean and neat so maybe I can use it to hold something there. Home Sweet Home

Here is a small cupboard, using Raining Cats & Dogs, maybe will use it  in  my bathroom!
The inside, I usually prefer white or lighter colors for the inside but this time I went black!
Raining Cats & Dogs

My recipe box! At last I have were to put all my recipes. Home Sweet Home

I love that this MDF recipe box came with a inner lid so you can put the recipe there! Love it!
Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I love this paper pad from Graphic 45, Home Sweet Home

My wider cupboard, I think I work with Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells

Here is the inside, I distressed the doors,  because I feel like it!
  Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells
 Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells

 Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells

 Steampunk Debutante & Steampunk  Spells, I decided to give a glossy look to the doors. 
Here are my MDF! Still have 2 more to play with, thinking doing with a little bit of painting and stamping this ones...let see.
Before I go I will show a little recycle pot I did using Graphic 45 and doing a collage, it will be post in my blog Ecoartcraft. I put them all in my bathroom:

Using By The Sea, cover and leftover.

Here is with my spider plant, By The Sea

The 2 pots & clock decorate using By The Sea.
Hope you like this MDF!
C ya and have the best weekend ever!

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