I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein

Thursday, December 1, 2011

X mas times!

Just finis a post in my EcoArtCraft blog; and now I am here!
Yep, I am going to rumba! So any email  please after January...jajajaja
Well I have been busy doing stuff and to be honest I didn't finish the list of my Xmas card, (I have been doing for other) Well you must know the saying.
Here is some jewellery also, some cards and ATC, and I am doing tote bags also..Wahooo!
This is a bag a tote for the beach!

Xmas card for my personal torturer in the gym jajajajajaj!

Also they are recycled they are pretty! The how to is in the ecofriendly blog.

A little grungy steam-punk for my dear son...He love it such do I...

My January ATC...

This is a never ending card, there are some images digitally manipulated 

Different types or earring I have been making some of them from old necklace 

Now I desire for you the best Xmas, the best 2011 and do not worry...the world is not ending the 12 or 21..
and if it is, I go happy because I have take risk in my life, and I have done lot of stuff! But I still want to do more! Jajajajajajaj...
Take care and my love and best wishes are with you all!!!