I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein


I was thinking what to do about my ATC, friends ask me that they want to see them all, but doing a new blog about ATC; right now...
So I will do this page with a collection of ATC I have done.
I will begin with the late and back or vice versa don't know still!
Hera are some ATC Im doing inspire in the new coming season of American Horror History.

The Snake Woman!

The Different Clowns!

The Circus Freak presenter with his strange pet!

I m still doing some as soon they are finish I will uploaded them!.
This is an Digital ATC.

And one in spanish!

Hi there!
See I had been busy busy bee! Hey good theme for another tag or ATC!
Well I just finish my ATC based in this season premiere of American Horror History...And I have frightened a lot of people in Pin....jajajajajaja
Well for dous scary berries, I am now in my inspirational series, some in Spanish some in English.
Hope you like them!

I notice that this ATC the script didn't did so well, so Is re done again here is the new one:

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