I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein

Friday, September 17, 2010

Deco Xmas and fun XmaS

Hello you all!!!
I am fine...Thank God for this...going to the gym to be in good shape again jajaja
Arent this ladies beautiful and stylish...this card are for a very goldy and chic xmas!

This is a very festive card, although this type is more for New Year than xmas...but I love it!
Here come the fun ones....weepppaaaa...

This snowman are beautiful!  All this cards were made from a printable CD ..I like to use CD because you print what you want and no need to be buying different papers that last for ever!!!
In the middle is a bubble with different figures it goes around, but still I want to put behind the circle another scene.

Like this snowman, this card |i also use some leftover plastic (covering the snowman) and because is a moving circle I use tissue paper from a gift, I creep it and spray some blue cosmic shimmer so it appear like snow.

This one is the last...because I made it using the figures left in the 3 upper projects son anything goes to waste!
I still want to put some picture more but I am waiting to do another one so I can use the leftys again!
Remember a good crafter never waste!

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