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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello X-Mas!

Hello all you!
Hope that you have been cracking  your X-mas cards!
I have some example here that I have been working with!
Well here I went out of my comfort zone and did something different. I use paper from raft magazine, scrapbook papers and a Cd. Variety is the name of the game!!!
I received a magazine and it have papers, so I decide to use the paper from the craft magazine to do some cards.
Hope you enjoy them!
This are from the craft magazine:

Here is the inside of the card. I use the design from a craft magazine.  Very simple cut and paste.

This is the front part of the card. 
I make this one like a bag, using also the craft magazine paper. The snowflake was emboss with golden embossing, so that it look like the lock.  I use Velcro to maintain it close. This is the front. 

This is the back. I made a shaker circle to make it more interesting.

Here is the card open. I add some butterflies, but the rest is from the magazine.

Scrapbook paper to make this ones:
This is an easel card.  Using scrapbook papers; I cut the middle and paste a stamped image with gliding flakes. Paste a handmade poinsettia.  And stamp the paper use in the base to give it a more X-mas look. 

This is cutting images and papers from a pad and putting them together .  The snowman is a wooden embellishment.

Here is the paper I cut out for the front of the card and use it at the back and put a little note.  Only to make something different.

This are already in another post but bring it back because I use also scrapbook papers:
The Nutcracker.

And this one is from a CD:

Print in acetate and paper some parts are glittered . 

This is the Psalm 23, the image of Jesus is print in acetate and glided and glittered.  The background was made digitally then printed twice to make some decoupage. It have a ribbon in the back so it can be hang.
I have some other but they are coming in a next blog!
C you! And please enjoy the moment!

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