I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Here again naturally!

Well, I have been lazy yes!  NO, I must never declare I am lazy only victory from my mouth!
So, I have been taking a little sabbatical, thinking my next move... maybe Himalayas walk??  That is on my mind now!
Well I have been making stuff a big deal of very nice jewellery and card that I love...her I have been using images form magazines or craft cd...usually my favourite is stamping!  But I give a go with everything also!
Hey I upload some of my recycles one here if you are so kindly to visit it!
No more talking here are the cards, the backgrounds are coming...I am working in some steam punk design!

She is one of the cd images, she looks so peacefully and lovely!
                                                                        Almost recycled and re use.

This one is a mix between recycling and using new material together.

Here is a combinations of style...never be afraid play with what you have!

This is perfect for a gentleman all the embellishment are re used, the flower was made of leftover emboss the leaves and the sentiments, even the bg were the gentleman is so gracefully paste...

Here the only new thing is the lady (from a craft magazine) the sentiment and the blank card...the rest is reused and recycled! including the ribbons!

This 2 ones are my favourites and I think they are the best and all re use and recycled! Except the blank card they are paste on.
To the time I ask time, the time, time give me
But the time told me
That with time
I will be timeless.
And old Spanish riddle not so good traduce....jajajajaj
Enjoy life
God love you, only you are to blind to notice!
Ciao carinio!

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