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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Graphic 45 Design Team 2014 Audition

Hello everyone!
Here I am back again.
This blog post is only and  about Graphic 45!
Since I discover Graphic 45 I had been hooked to it!
There style is the style I like and always have been looking and admiring for my projects and the best of all is the quality of the product.
I love to make flowers an I use my Silhouette Cutting machine and the papers of Graphics 45 are perfect.
Is wonderful what you can do with them. And what about the stamps? And more when you use it with the tags of mixed with the paper you get outstanding results!
Stop talking and show the projects!

A Tri-Fold Birthday card. Using Bird Song from Graphic 45 and stamps.

The back of the card.

The Back of the card.

I also had use Graphic 45 for making rings and earrings; like this ones:
With a circle punch cut out an images from the stamp pages of Steam-Punk  Graphic 45 and embellish the hair with little pieces from watches, then cover it with resin. 

A Birthday Card using papers from The Circus and Bohemian Bazaar. The tags all came from The Circus paper pad from Graphic 45.

This is how I transform and ordinary white candle using The circur Them Stamps 

Tri-Fold X-mas Card The Nutcracker.

This is the from of a Tri-fold X-mas Card using only The Nutcracker from Graphic 45. The Nutcracker in this picture is over acetate; this is the front of the card. I used some embellishment X-mas flowers, snowflakes and holographic paper borders. 

When the card is open I did an mirror image also in the back of the acetate.

This is the center  of the card with a pocket with a storybook make from the Nutcrackers Graphic 45 paper pad.

This is the back of the front card.

Storybook cover.

The Storybook open. The original pictures are embellish with glitter.

This is a X-Mas Card hanger using Steam-punk Spell from Graphic 45, although it was design for Halloween, I twisted a little. The Black Cat figure is from Steam punk Debutante if I am not wrong  from Graphic 45.

A X-mas Card hanger suing again Steam-punk Spells and the Nutcracker paper pad from Graphic 45 .  Father Xmas is an old card I had and re use it cutting him out. I use some stamp also.

A Happy Birthday Card from the Bohemian Bazaar Paper Pad from Graphic 45. The flower were made also from the same paper pad.

A Thank you   Card using the Bohemian Bazaar and Steam-punk D├ębutante for  the flowers and image in the bottom. Also a little bottle from Curiosity Shop Paper Pad all from Graphic 45.

 This is a X-mas Album using mixed paper from Graphic 45, Steam Punk, Curiosity Shop and The Circus. To make it for X mas I use paper for the background with X-mas images or pictures. Also different types of stamps.

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Something I really love  from Graphic 45 is the versatility to combine outside their range and their theme. For example in this page of the album I used The Circus, Steam Punk, Curiosity Shop with vintage X-mas images

For the back cover of the album what better that the cover of the paper pad from The Circus from Graphic 45!

A X-mas tag using for an image from Curiosity Shop from Graphic 45; adding for the background some Christmas paper.
Card hanger flowers and butterflies made using Bohemian Bazaar papers!

Detail of the flowers.

This is a  board done  with scrap papers from different pads from Graphic 45, only the letters are  not reused.. The base is a packaging cardboard.  You don't need to wast anything.