I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Albert Einstein

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Frame with a kick!

Hello all!
Hope you are  enjoying this nice weather...well in someplace is nice! Jajajaja
This is a small post.
A friend told me that she didn't have any picture of her wedding in a frame, and she ask me what type of frame.
Because my nature I don't like it simple, I decide to do something different for her and more special.
So here it is!
Here is the frame. I put a stick-on in the picture for privacy of my friends.

Here is a detail in a corner, they both like butterflies & she love steam punk stuff, so I used then in a corner.

The little cycle is because both enjoy cycling and there is a flask that say Love Potion.

Here is a made ticket saying admit one only with a key, the back is cover with with bee they both enjoy nature.

The bingo is the wedding date, the bicycle because they spend there Honeymoon cycling! Yes they did!

All the frame is cover with book paper that have something to do with them.

I paint with alcohol ink the gear resembling red of love!

Her husband writes so I put some nibs

What I did is to embellish the frame with here picture with things that they did in there Honeymoon and stuff the like.  It was a pity that she didn't stay with any ticket or ephemera of their trip